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The Royal Lotus is beneficial in several other ways.  The petals and stems are known to have many health benefits, and are added as key ingredients in various medicines and treatments prescribed by traditional herbalists.  


The Royal Lotus Tea retains a high concentration of anti-oxidants and having a lot of health benefits as following: 

  • Calming and relaxing effect
  • Alleviate restlessness
  • Detoxification
  • Anti-Aging, by promoting most of organs in your body
  • Reduce aging signs on skin and Promoting healthier skin
  • Reduce cholesterol, Lower blood sugar levels
  • The treatment of high blood pressure
  • Reinforce the kidneys and heart
  • Protect the digestive tract illness from malfunction
  • Balance body temperature
  • Most interesting Fact “Prevent Cancer”


19 August 2015

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